What’s new in 2018?


What’s new for Willow Pond Koi for the 2018 season? Well for starters we have a brand new building! Our new building has new tanks so we can hold even more koi! We also have a new lab that will assist us with water quality and fish health. We’ve worked hard to revamp our website with new pictures, updates, and verbiage. Our auction has had some improvements too. The auction will be a great way to buy some high quality koi for the price you want to pay. We will also be auctioning off some local artist art that can be displayed or showed off in your pond or water garden. I can’t forget to mention all of the new high quality koi available this year. We have koi available from world renown breeders from these farms: Yamasan, Yamamatsu, Fukasawa, Hosokai, Koda, and Sakai. If you have a specific breeder or koi farm in mind and you don’t see on our list just ask! We can place special orders, no problem! Even though we have a lot of new exciting things going on this season, we will continue to make our customers our number one priority! We make buying koi easy!

-Katie Scott, Author

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Susan Savad

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