What fish do we offer?

We carry 3 kinds of koi, Kohaku, Sanke & Showa. Here’s a little information about them:

Our Kohaku hail from the world renown Rose Bloodline. The beautiful red and white koi have fascinated koi keepers since the very beginning of the hobby. The elegant beauty of this simple, two-color koi variety make Kohaku one of the most sought after of the Living Jewels of the Orient.

Our Sanke come from Sakai’s world famous Shining Rose and Shining Black bloodlines. Distinct and balanced jet black Tsubo Sumi combined with a bold Kohaku pattern is the defining characteristic of the Shining Black bloodline.Shining Rose, one of the most famous koi bloodlines in Japan today, has produced magnificent fish.

Our Showa originate from Sakai’s incredible Ninja Bloodline. With Showa, a koi variety enjoyed by many breeders,the black appears as bands around the body and is a trait desired by many koi enthusiasts.

So, now you know about the koi we offer, check out what we have available on our store page here

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