Welcome back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back! This must mean we all survived winter! It was a cold one for sure, but we are looking forward to this season and hope you are too! Have you opened your water garden yet? Do you service your own water garden? Or do you hire someone to clean out/open? How are your koi? Have you checked their health after your harsh winter season? You’re probably thinking about feeding your koi, but have your water temperatures reached 50 degrees or warmer? Have you tested your water? Have you inspected/installed any pumps, filters, aeration? Have you added your products? What new plants will you need or want this year? These are all great questions you can ask yourself when winter finally brakes and we start seeing signs that spring is near. If you are needing help with any of these questions, let us know and we will gladly help lead you in the right direction for your needs, wants, and desires in the water garden world. — Katie Scott, author

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  1. Just seeded farm pond with koi. Hoping to add more through the summer. Beginning stocking of 50 2 inch fish. The pond is 80 by 200 feet and well established. Drained and cleaned five years ago.

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