Before Your Fish Arrive

Before shipment, each koi is inspected and packed with great care. Because of the care we take before shipping, your koi will arrive in good condition. Willow Pond Koi guarantees Live Arrival of all of our koi, provided they are released into their new home within three hours of reaching their destination. Once the koi have been removed from the water they were shipped in and introduced to their new environment they become the responsibility of the buyer.

To help keep your Koi healthy, we recommend that you follow these simple steps before their arrival:

Always quarantine your new Koi! This prevents possible contamination of both your new & existing Koi.

Have a separate tank ready to place your Koi in for quarantine. Make sure there is adequate aeration/filtration for the number of koi you will be quarantining.

Make sure the water chemistry is acceptable, ( PH level, Ammonia, Alkalinity ect.)

Consider adding two pounds of non-iodized salt per 100 gallons of water. Cover tank with net.

Try to keep a minimum water temperature of  60 degrees F.

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Susan Savad

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