12 inch Hi Shusui

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Variety:  Hi Shusui

Breeder:  Sakai koi farm of Hiroshima. This koi has been directly imported from Japan. We have quarantined this fish for months and is ready for purchase. Sakai is one of the largest breeders in Japan and has countless Grand Champion awards. Put a future champion in your water garden today!

Description:  The Hi Shusui is a representation of the Shusui.  The difference is the Hi Shusui has deep red coloration on the back.  For high quality, having proper alignment of scales is crucial.  For those of you into symbolic meanings of koi, the Shusui resembles “autumn water”.  The Japanese consider these koi to be perfection when black, grey, and other colors are present on the scales.  Don’t forget, this koi is doitsu too!

Size:  12 inch


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