Goldfish Library

Black Moore

Black Moore have short round bodies with protruding eyes. The color of these fish range from bronze gold to black. Very hardy and always looking for a meal.


Comet originated from our country and ranging in color from orange, white or red. Some varieties have long fins and graceful tails. Easy to care for.


These goldfish have short rounded bodies with split tails that drive them through the water is short speedy burst. Appreciated for the development of a hood, or wen, as they mature.


These are goldfish with Asian pedigree that develop a raspberry like crown and unique finnage.


They make a delightful sight in a garden pond. Colors range from pacific blue to calico with beautiful long fins.


These goldfish can be traced back to the 1500s when they were breed for show. Similar to comets in color and shape but distinguished by a fan like caudal fin. May grow up to ten inches in length.

Susan Savad

Susan Savad

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