Japan Part III

Today we woke up to some sad news, our first stop for the day was supposed to be at Shinoda Koi Farm, however, due to some injuries during the bull fights he was unable to participate in our JKX Masterclass.  Don’t worry, we hear he is doing well and should make a full recovery.  So, today there will be no koi in sight.  We decided it’s a cultural sightseeing day!  As someone who has never been to Japan, I was excited to see a little of what Japan has to offer on the tourism aspect.  I was not disappointed as I love to experience new cultures and meet new people.  We were fortunate enough to be with experts of Japan sightseeing and even got to experience some things culturally that your average tourist might not get the chance to see!

First up: The coast! Here we visited Teradomari town located on the Sea of Japan.  We visited a large fish market with hundreds of different fish and shellfish and some things I have never seen before! Incredible to see all this fresh seafood right at your fingertips.  You could smell the sea and all it’s glory! Unfortunately, I am allergic to ALL seafood so I was unable to sample the good stuff and admired from afar.  But, I did find some ice cream along the way!



Yahiko Shrine was up next.  They were having their annual flower festival.  What? Your telling me I get to see a shrine and authentic Japanese flowers combined?  Yes, the answer is YES! Saying that this place was beautiful is an understatement.  I feel very privileged to be able to be in the presence of this shrine that was built in the 16th century.  Can you see all of the decorative carvings? These carvings include kaerumata, kouryou and kobushibana which are typical of the Momoyama period.  I think the sake barrels could be considerd pieces of art work and I wanted to bring one home with me! As for all of the manicured flowers and bonsai, wow! 


Next, we cruised to the top of Yahiko Mountain. Here we were going to be exposed to magnificent views across the sea.  On clear days you can see all the way out to Sado Island.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature was not on our side once we reached the top.  Clouds, rain and wind were trying to stop us, but we still all made great efforts!



Overall, sightseeing throughout Japan and experiencing their culture and lifestyle was very informational, fun, and I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it again!




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