Day 4 Japan

As our journey continues in Japan, we are starting day four participating in the JKX Masterclass.  We started the day with a crazy weather forecast…..rain, wind, hail, and snow! But don’t worry, the weather was not going to deter us from learning more about koi.

First stop for the day started at Kanno Koi Farm.  Here, Kazu Hirasawa gave us some great information about his high quality and world renowned Goshiki.  His Goshiki are some of the best quality I have seen! He prides himself on being able to grow his koi over 70 cm plus while still saving the high quality patterns and body.  Impressive!



Next stop was a visit to Yagenji Koi Farm.  We were fortunate to sneak a peek at the Koi they have available for purchase.  This koi farm started back in 1962 by Yaiichi Ishihara.  The farm has now been handed over to his two sons, Daisuke and Toshinori back in 2002.  KOI varieties that are bred here include: Kohaku Kumonyru, Sanke Beni Kumonryu, Showa Doitsu Kohaku, Ki-Kusui Midorigoi, Shiro Utsuri Benigoi, Gin Rin Kohaku Soragoi, Gin Rin Showa Goshiki, Chagoi, Doitsu Chagoi, Cha-Utsuri, Doitsu Ochibashigure.  If you are looking for a Koi Farm with many choices to pick from, this could be the perfect place for you!

Marujya Koi Farm was our next stop.  We did not participate in a Masterclass here, but we were able to see some KOI that they have to offer.                                                  


Did you know that if you purchase a high quality koi from Japan, sometimes customers will leave their koi behind to let the breeders do what they do best…..grow to perfection.  Perfect example was at our next visit.  Here at Ikarashi Koi Farm we got to see one of JKX customers Koi being looked after with the best care in mind. Fascinating, just look at all of those awards! 

Lunch time!  This was a must share today, we had lunch at a very well known Raman noodle restaurant in Ojiya.  I have to say, eating this Raman noodle was the best I have ever had! Japanese Raman puts USA Raman noodles to shame! If you are ever in Japan it is a must try! 








For our next stop, telling you I was excited is an understatement.  Kaneko Koi Farm here we come! I was fortunate to meet Kaneko San while visiting the U.K. for a Koi conference last year.  Getting the chance to see his koi farm was quite an honor.  Again, we were treated with warm smiles from Kaneko San and his father.  We got to see top quality Shiro Utsuris, Kajukus, Tancho Kajukus and more, some of the best in Japan! 

I will wrap this day up with sharing some pictures from dinner.  JKX organized a special banquet dinner for us at the famous Izumiya hotel and Onsen in Yomogihira.  I was blown away by the hospitality shown here.  We all indulged in a hot spring bath before dinner that was out of this world, nothing like I have experienced before.  My skin felt brand new heading into dinner with full relaxation on my mind.  Joining us for dinner was Sakai san from Yamamatsu Koi Farm, Hoshino san from Hoshikin Koi Farm, Miya san from Miyatora Koi Farm and Kaneko san from Kaneko Koi Farm.  This was truly a unique experience getting to mix with the breeders on a more personable level at dinner.  I will forever be grateful for this opportunity and would do it again in a heart beat! Thank you!!! 


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