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Japan Part III

Today we woke up to some sad news, our first stop for the day was supposed to be at Shinoda Koi Farm, however, due to some injuries during the bull fights he was unable to participate in our JKX Masterclass.  Don’t worry, we hear he is doing well and should make a full recovery.  So,… Continue Reading

Japan Continued

Day two of touring Japanese koi farms did not disappoint.  After all of my excitement following day one, waking up in Japan almost seemed like a dream.  I had to pinch myself to make sure all this amazing beauty was really right at my fingertips. Most everyone in the koi world appreciates Izumiya koi farm… Continue Reading


Japan. Where to start on my experience? I had the pleasure of visiting Japan for two weeks to expand my knowledge of KOI and business relationships with KOI breeders.  This ultimately will gain us access to ship directly from Japan to sell high quality Japanese KOI.  Over the next few weeks I will be posting… Continue Reading

Susan Savad

Susan Savad

Biography As a child, I wasn’t particularly interested in art. I took the usual art classes that most kids take but I didn’t pursue it at home. It was when my husband went into the army that I finally started becoming interested in painting. All of a sudden, I was in Texas, had no job… Continue Reading